Wildlife film & photography in support of conservation  
As a wildlife cameraman and photographer living and working in Thailand for more than 15 years, I’m dedicated to conservation here and in the wider SE Asia region.
​​​​​​​My priorities are:
1. To engage with scientists and conservationists at an early stage in their work and develop video and photography imagery to broaden the reach of their work and support associated conservation initiatives. 
2. Use film and photography to develop and disseminate compelling conservation themes in the form of video abstracts, short films, documentaries, social media content and editorial output.
3. Maintain and develop a comprehensive library of high-quality media (video, stills but also sound recordings) of Thailand wildlife and natural spaces to support conservation, research, and education.
Currently I employ Blackmagic cine and Canon photography equipment and always adhere to field techniques that minimise disturbance to wildlife, even for the smallest of creatures.
I am fortunate to live on the edge of Thailand's Western Forest Complex (WEFCOM) which, at almost 19,000 sq kms, is one of the largest protected forest areas in SE Asia. Home to a diverse range of fauna and flora, WEFCOM is a highly significant biodiversity corridor of both national and international significance.  
I am also an affiliate of the Long-Tailed Macaque Project, a registered charity aiming to raise awareness about and conserve vulnerable long-tailed macaque populations in South and Southeast Asia.
My video "A British Spring" was featured on UK ITV's "Love Your Weekend" with Alan Titchmarch
"What Happens to Science When Model Organisms Become Endangered?" The Scientist, by Dan Robitzski, October, 2022

Email - neil@neilchallisimages.com
Tel: +66 (0)63 093 4355 
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